Goal Setting Success: Do You look the Part of Your Vision?

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True Goal setting success happens more easily when you both feel and look like your vision.

Goal Setting Success - What do you see in the mirror?When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror do you see success, energy and passion?

This morning as I was reading an article about personal style and career success in Entrepreneur I started thinking about what it takes for a successful vision to come into fruition.

Many think it’s only about the action – the more you take action the more you are crossing “things” off the list and getting closer to your goals.

Yes, that’s part of the story and what I consider the traditional way of setting goals and accomplishing your vision.   From personal experience it often leaves you not feeling much of anything other than you crossed a bunch of tasks off your list but there are literally 10’s if not 100’s more tasks to put back on your continuing to grow to do list.

Why A Clear Vision and Big “Why” Are Important

When you have a clear vision, which I also like to call your big picture, those same tasks and goals take on a different kind of energy.  You are choosing to do them as a means to an end so that you can have more and more of what you’re really wanting.   Versus complaining that you have to do them and your list is overwhelming.

I love when a client shifts (also known as an aha) and is able to think of their vision like a big story.  Imagine your life as part of a large theatrical production where you both write and play the main character. This is when a vision starts to get more fun and full of passion because you recognize you are the one in charge every day.

Focused awareness is one step to help you gain some momentum in your goal setting success.  How would you answer, “ What is the reason your doing all of those tasks on your todo list anyway?”

If you said, because I have to…well you’re probably not still reading this article anyway.  We reach our goals and live our vision when we are not the victim that reacts to everything.

We reach our vision by first of all having one, then by setting smart goals that are proactive, inspired and put us in charge of our tasks and actions.

If your list contains things like:  you want to have a successful business, be promoted to VP, or have at least $500,000 in your retirement account;  well you’re part way there and need to go deeper.  Stop groaning, it’s really not that difficult, even for the passion impaired.

Here’s a simply strategy, for each of these areas add the following words “so that”.  The “so that” represent your big why, why you really want the first part of the sentence.

It looks like this:  I want to have a successful business so that X.  X could be anything from so that my family is able to spend real quality time and have fun together doing things we love from skiing to time at the beach; or so that I’m able to create a foundation which helps inner city kids pair with mentors so that they build their self esteem and finish high school, get a technical or college degree and choose to contribute to society.

In the first instance one of your core values is probably “family happiness.” In the second example, your core values could be “helpfulness” which I describe as assisting others and contributing and “self respect” – pride, and a sense of personal identity – which may also be what you want the foundation to provide.

When you are able to get to the bottom of your “big why” you want what you want you’ll notice that you’re filled with a sense of connection, energy and passion.  Building that successful business takes on new and inspired meaning.

When you feel this sense of passion you are connected to your vision and goal setting success happens more and more every day.  It’s not just about the successful business in this case, rather taking actions everyday that are alignment and congruent with your core values and why you want it.  That is what is motivating you.  Having and maintaining continued awareness is vital to your successfully achieving your vision.

Now go take a look in the mirror.  Are you dressed for your goal setting success?  Do you see a person, with a clear vision that is ready to take meaningful action that is aligned with your core values and big why?


Michele Corey, partners with women and a few brave men to build their courage muscle and learn to say no to others more often so they can have more and more of what they want every day.  Discover her musings on Smart Goal Setting from the Inside Out.

This article is adapted from my post on Forbes Woman

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