Trust Yourself and Miracles Will Unfold

by michelecorey on February 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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An Uplifting Moment - Michele at Goat Rocks
An Uplifting Moment – Michele at Goat Rocks

A useful uplifting quote

This morning I was sending a thank you note to a coaching peer and found myself writing

trust your self and miracles will unfold

and I thought to myself – hey that’s a relevant and uplifting quote to share with everyone on the smart goal setting journey.

I hope you enjoy and it inspires you to find a way to say yes to yourself today – whether it’s to take a 5 minute break to stand in the sun. (Obviously it’s sunny at this moment in Seattle and I’m enjoying and inspired by the effects coming through my own window.) Or to simply stop for a moment and ask yourself what is one thing that I could say no to on today’s plate that would give me  5 minutes of “me time” ?  By the way, in saying no you are to saying yes to your self.

I’d love to hear what deep and uplifting quotes you find inspirational today!

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