How to Build Your Courage Muscle and Self Confidence

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What’s Your Courage Muscle and How Do You Build It?

These three uplifting quotes will help you understand the courage muscle and self confidence concept.

Courage is like a muscle strengthened by its use.  Ruth Gordon

Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.  Dr. Robert Anthony

Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.  Winston Churchill

Learn How To Flex Your Courage Muscle and Build More Self Confidence Like a Super Hero

Build More Self Confidence Like a Super Hero

The more people I coach and work with the more important I find it to learn how to build your own courage muscle so that you can create the kind of satisfying work and life you really want instead of living how you think others want you to live.

Every day in life we have the opportunity to live by choosing what we want. Unfortunately many individuals unconsciously accept and potentially regret what you are given because you don’t have conscious clarity.

Right now you may be wondering “where is she going with this?” Stick with me for a couple minutes and you’ll discover what it means to have the conscious clarity you need to build your courage muscle and self confidence.

Having a young son I quickly discovered how some kids live in the moment and expand like a blooming flower and how others are significantly more reserve waiting to be told or given permission to bloom like their counterparts.  I often wonder if this difference is innate or if it is developed through experience?

For example, my son participated in his school Talent’s Show.  Children were able to choose if they wanted to be on stage.  Those who said yes had between 60 seconds to 75 seconds depending upon their K-5 grade level.  They could also choose to stand up there solo or with classmates.  They had freedom to choose what they wanted to do as their talent.

Talents ranged from solo acoustic singing both in tune and not, to a young boy showing off his “frog jumps” across the stage, to skits, which is what my son and three friends co-created and performed.  These children stood on stage in front of 200 to 500 people depending upon the time of night they performed.  That takes courage I thought to both just get up there as well as to be afraid and perform which you could tell some definitely where.

Questions About Your Courage Muscle & Self Confidence

  • Why do some of these kids feel the freedom to perform and others do not?
  • Why do some of these kids feel the freedom to perform solo and others do not?
  •  What kind of courage does it take to be on that stage?
  • What type of courage does it take to perform even when you are afraid?
  • What type of courage does it take to sing off key or miss multiple notes on the piano in front of hundreds of people? – some people would say they failed because it wasn’t perfect – is it really a failure?

Each child post performance would stand there on that stage – “naked as a jaybird” so to speak and “vulnerable as a newborn” – and I surmise it was in the crowds hands to choose to laugh, sit in silence, sing along and ultimately applaud each child.  What I saw with each applaud was a soul filled and a smile on each face as if it was their own courage muscle seal of self approval.

I also wondered, why although all had the same opportunity did some of the kids choose to sit in the audience watching their peers instead of performing?

I think that at some point you shift – if may be conscious or it may not, but you shift.  Maybe it’s because you haven’t used your courage muscle in a while and your courage muscle bank account is empty or even perhaps overdrawn.  At that point you are more concerned about the outside’s view of you – what others say instead of being more focused and influenced on what you think about and want for yourself you are focused on the outside looking in.  This is when you most need to exercise your courage muscle and consciously choose to take actions, exercise it, and fill up your reserves.

I know that my son is more introvert than extrovert, and it takes him flexing his courage muscle to say yes.  Hence he performed with a small crowd of three friends.  Yet, he’s still got enough internal confidence and courage to want to stand on that stage and perform and stand there in the moments of post performance silently waiting for the outside approval of others.   Then it happens, the applause.

I saw his face and the other performers light up as they took in this public acknowledgement. The conscious choice to perform itself is really what builds his courage muscle just like it does for each child on stage.  The applause is the icing on the cake and I’m sure tastes delicious.

I dare you to take one action each day, whether big or small that gives you the opportunity to build your own courage muscle and self confidence.

What are you willing to do that perhaps you’re a bit afraid to do – but because you read this will do it anyway?

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