Dreams and Goals: An Interview

by michelecorey on February 9, 2011 · 1 comment

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Free Smart Goal Setting Interview:  Michele Corey

Free Smart Goal Setting Interview: Michele Corey

Yesterday I had the uplifting opportunity to be interviewed by Marcia Brixey of Money Wise Woman, and Money Wise Women Get Smart regarding dreams and goals and how to pursue them.

Goal Setting Tips from our Interview

  • We shared goal setting tips such as invest 1% of every day in yourself.  1% is 14 minutes and I know you can do it.  This will make a huge difference in your own professional and personal development and create momentum towards your short term and long term dreams and goals.
  • Marcia shared the secret to losing weight – hint:  it has to do with being happily healthy.
  • I shared my own personal example of learning how to say no to others more often so I could say yes to myself – a great and simple analogy of a plate and food.
  • You learn a goal setting tip called the “10 Breaths” – which will help you slow down all that chatter that’s getting in the way aka obstacles and goal setting sabotage
  • You’ll hear other personal goals examples – as well as how you can bring more “love” to your work every day.
  • Discover an uplifting quote that will have you want to become more conscious and get connected to your identity so that you can have more of what you want as you intend it – true success.

Why Set Goals?

The bottom line is, if you want to start being the cause of your life, and stop living just because your life is simply happening – this interview is for you – my gift.

It’s a 58 minute long, delightful conversation with Marcia Brixey that I think you’ll enjoy.

Be sure to leave a comment – I’d love to hear what you liked best.

Click here to listen to the smart goal setting interview.

PS.  Looking for an uplifting and engaging speaker for your teleseminar or event?

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I wanted to thank everyone for the direct emails….I blush and am full of gratitude! Here’s to all of us having an amazing year – just as we intend! Michele

“I listened to the recording and just had to tell you how brilliant you are. Yes, brilliant in the light you radiate and in the wisdom that you share. I have always liked and respected you but hearing your voice reminded me of the why.”


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