Courage Quote That Kicked Me In The Butt

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Rollo May Quote on Courage, Cowardice and ConformityThis is one of my favorite inspirational  and uplifting quotes about courage that totally kicked me in the butt.

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. -Rollo May

Thirteen years ago I began a journey as a self employed service professional when I quit my job and all I knew to be true in my life.  I stumbled quite a bit because I was moving into an area that was so unknown to me that I found it difficult to create any type of clarity. It was as if everything was a moving target and I spent a lot of time spinning out of control.

Although I didn’t find this courage quote until a year later when I hired a business coach to help me figure out how to create income and potentially a business around this thing called coaching which I am still doing today, when I saw it, I knew without a doubt it nailed my experience.

My work in the consumer products industry was very exciting and fun for many years.  One day I woke up and became conscious to the fact that I had fallen out of love with it and my life as a whole, but I was too afraid to make any changes.  I mean, who would pay the mortgage?  What would happen to my identity?

It took about three years before I actually left my job.  At that time I knew that each day I stayed took something away from me as a person, yet I was still too afraid to leave.

In retrospect I wish I would have had a coach that could have helped me see a bigger picture and strategy because I believe I could have found much more joy in that work without giving away a part of my soul.  That is one of the things I always do with clients that are thinking about leaving their work whether it is with a large company or they are self employed  – I help them reconnect to what’s most important – their core values, their big picture vision, etc. and provide a place where they can be vulnerable and say what they want to say without feeling like they are being judged.

Often they see that what they want is there, it’s just packaged differently.  Other times the clarity they gain helps them muster the courage to make a bigger change.

What I hope for you is that you take the time to re-read the quote and with courage ask yourself:

What is one step or action you could take that stops your from doing things that drain you and would allow you to start doing something you want even more?

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