If You Were A Super Hero What Would Your Super Power Be?

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What Superhero Power Do You Have?

I just uploaded the most recent Goal Setting for Financial Success and Prosperity MP3s from the Money Wise Women Conference and Money Wise Women Get Smart Tele-seminar to be transcribed. At the end of the process a cute picture of the office mascot, a beautiful, old, soulful looking golden retriever and the following question popped up,

If you were a super hero what would your super power be?

Generally I would ignore this, I mean what does it have to do with audio transcription in the first place, but almost immediately this simple and powerful question me thinking about my own superpowers – the one that would make a difference…hum. My answer is…

Sparky a magic wand that when waved would reconnect people with their purpose and the power to fully express and live it.

All this smart goal setting at Recharge Your Spark has taken root and is growing…it’s very exciting.  And yes, that’s exactly what I would do – reconnect you to what’s most important – your purpose and of course give you the power to fully be your purpose from the inside out.

Me…my purpose is a catalyst that playfully awakens you to love, beauty and truth.

The best way I can describe this is that it would be to help you become more conscious to who you are, what you most value, why you value it…and help provide you with the smart goal setting tools, worksheets, insight, and what ever else, including a potential virtual kick in the butt to say YES to your self more often and no others so you can have exactly what you want, as you intend it – that’s what I call true success.

Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option.

Do you recognize who said it?

Peter Parker in Spiderman is the author of this powerful quote.  I don’t agree with the first half – that not everyone is meant to make a difference – and put in the perspective of the movie I know they are referring to huge life changing differences – I mean we are all not Bill Gates, but each of us can make a difference – on a level that is perfect for you.

What stands out to me when I think of my purpose and what I hope to shift for those attracted to smart goal setting is that – once you become more conscious, and now you know what you know – you can never go back to not knowing and “lead an ordinary life”.  One you gain clarity it’s as if you are compelled to express it and I love the synchronicity that often shows up to help you express your purpose.

Anyway, I’ll stop the tangent…and simply sit back, breath in my super powers, and visualize the power!  I look forward to discovering your superpowers too –

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