How To Discover Your Bigger Vision

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Want to know how to discover your bigger vision?

What's the BIG WHY to Your Vision?
What’s the BIG WHY to Your Vision?

It’s easy, the  answer is to uncover your BIG WHY.

During my corporate work I always thought vision was really what we wanted distilled into a one sentence statement that says it all.  In fact for numerous years I helped clients do the same.  Now I realize that in order to have a vision that is powerful and serves as a guiding light for you or perhaps its your work or those you lead, you really want to start bigger.

By bigger I mean – your story; what is the story the one with all the adjectives that creates a visualization of what you want and more importantly why you want it. It’s the one when you read it – you find yourself nodding your head up and down and feeling excited about.  I call that specific why, the why you want it, your BIG WHY.

Your BIG WHY is what gets you excited and up out of bed, even when you didn’t sleep well the night before, because you are filled with an inner desire to take inspired action that leads you down the path of your bigger vision, your story, your big why.

I just finished working with a client this morning – five years ago we created a vision picture and it has served them well.  Today we spent time digging deeper into the big why.  Why does their business exist?  Why do they make a difference? What is the big why that sets the foundation for everything else – their plan, their departments, who they hire, how they communicate.

It was a lot of fun to have a big piece of paper on the wall and use colored markers to create a visual brainstorm.  It was powerful.  In this first brainstorm we simply keep digging at the big why.  Then I got goosebumps – because we hit upon some powerful ideas that we’ll spend more time with over the next few weeks.

First, I’ll  frame up these statements.  Next week we’ll meet up again to revisit them.  Then next step is to invite the bigger players in the company to hear the big why, chew on it, possibly refine it.

We will also look at how the company would communitcate this as well as what they do  in their business that brings their big why alive.  If we have time, or perhaps it’s the next meeting we’ll take an initial stab at how and what their department will want to do to bring the big why to life.

Post meeting I wandered over to Starbucks for a coffee and felt and urge to open my laptop and write about the experience, steps, what’s next – so that I can provide good facilitation and guidance.

It also had me thinking about last night when I was up way past my bed time searching on Google , other blogs and digging through the wordpress site for some inspiration on how I will deliver value and better serve people who show up on Recharge Your Spark.

I found myself looking for the perfect wordpress plugins to add to this blog so that you can ultimately  set the type of smart goals that help you fully express who you are and what you want – and get all of that just as you intend.

It was fun to search things like:  events, sms, twitter, quiz, survey, productivity, etc and discover what someone else had already thought of creating.  Then I asked, how could it help you better use the 5 Step Smart Goal Setting System?   I was on a roll, adding  links and ideas to my Recharge Your Spark – In Action Plan, and Some Day it Would Be Nice Plan.  I’m always happy to share my findings – simply email me your questions.

What I found on this journey, is that a lot of people have great ideas, and even take action, but many have lost their passion and the action ceases to exist in any meaning form.  There were many wordpress plugins that have been abandoned – no updates in over a year, with “need your help” comments on the forum, and pleas such as “please donate” so I can keep doing the work.

In additional to having clarity on the big picture story, perseverance and commitment to stay focused.  One of the very important steps in successful visions and goal setting is #5 – Rinse and Repeat.  To keep doing more of what is working.  Simply creating and answer to a problem (why most of the plugins were created) and putting it out there obviously isn’t enough to maintain the developers own passion of doing it again and again (rinse and repeat) to learn from what is created and put out there and to continue to learn and improve it.

You see, we often get really excited about something and start a course of action to create and express it – just like the plugins, but then we get stopped by an obstacles.

What Are Obstacles in Smart Goal Setting?  3 Big Ones

Our Mindset

We either never fully believe in what we are creating / heading towards;  or you allow yourself to stop the love aka confidence, trust, courage that is helping you move forward

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FUD often shows up as self sabotage – we procrastinate, we resist, we choose to focus on other things because they offer us less pain, then the fear, uncertainty and doubt of moving forward.

We lose clarity

It’s easy to lose clarity and meander down another path when you haven’t spent enough time telling your story of what you want and why you want it – and then distilling this into your executive summary vision that MUST include your BIG WHY

How Do You Get Past Goal Setting Obstacles?

Feed your brain and heart

Most of us are really good at feeding our brain.  Unfortunately, by deferring to your brain you forget to engage and listen to your heart.  Trust me, I was the queen of brain feeding – and still need to stay conscious to integrating my head and heart.  Listening to my head often left me feeling empty, not enough, dissatisfied, and uninspired.  When you stop and listen to your heart, or perhaps you call it your gut – and then integrate that with what you are thinking you may be surprised in the results.  It’s in these moments you will realize what it is like to stand and live in your own power.

One simple way to feed your heart is by giving yourself 10 Breaths.  Over time the 10 Breaths Exercise will create more fulfillment, a sense of being centered, more connection to your bigger purpose, vision and plan, a sense of fulfillment.

Get Support

If you want to succeed – to really make a difference – it’s not just about you – there are always others involved on some level.  It’s getting the support you need to move through the resistance and obstacles – to persevere and be commited to your big vision.

Some times support may be learning something new, or finding some one else that already knows how to do it.  Support may take the form of a butt kicking coach that holds you and your vision big – which means their is no judgment and they already trust you can do it.  It may be a mastermind which is a group of people that have a common focus and they support each other.  It’s up to you to decide what you want and need and get it.

Develop a Mindset that supports your vision.  Developing a mindset starts with becoming conscious to what you want, don’t want, why you want it.  It’s about learning to say yes to yourself more often and celebrating the steps big and small.  It’s about developing more trust and belief in yourself everyday.

I dare you

There are numerous steps in developing a bigger vision, and what I hope you take from all of this – the one you can’t leave out is your big why.  I dare you to take 10 breaths, and then to jot down your big why – you might be surprised at what you learn.

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