Goal Setting Tip: 10 Breath Exercise

by michelecorey on February 11, 2011 · 1 comment

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Here’s a goal setting tip that may change your life.  It’s called the 10 Breath Exercise

10 Breath Exercise Creates Calm

Get up from your desk and/or move away from what every you are doing that is creating a sense of being unfocused, scatter brain, thinking too hard to make much happen, feeling overwhelm or anxiety, etc – all of this is generated when you only come from your head.

To create better goals and results taking time to breath will make a difference; that makes this a perfect goal setting tip.

Where to do your Breathing

Stand by a window, get outside, move to a place that feels better – heck it could even be a lush bathroom waiting area.

Close your eyes if you want, or simply focus your eyes on something that is “pleasant”.

The Action

Breath in one breath, fill your belly, fill your lungs, hold the breath for 3 seconds and release the same way.  Before you breath in, pause for 3 seconds.

The Mindset

Breathing in clean refreshing air. Breathing in peace or perhaps calm.  Breathing in what ever it is you are wanting more of at this very moment.

Exhale out what ever you want to let go.  It could be overwhelm and see it dissipate.   It could be your own voice that is making judgments.  You will have something that belongs to you.

By  7 or 8 you may notice you only want to breath in and out in silence.

Tips During and After

I often use my fingers to “count” the breaths so I can be conscious / present to breathing and not counting.

If you notice your mind is still in charge and not allowing your own feelings to help guide your situation, rinse and repeat.

You may also notice that by letting go, you bring insight to your current situation.  I love then this happens.  Mostly I notice a sense of calm.

If time is an issue you can also do this with 3 breaths – the quickie get centered.

Why Do the 10 Breath Exercise

Breathing helps regulate how we feel.  Next time you are angry – notice how you are breathing and notice how you are feeling.  Next time you are feeling woo hoo life is great, I am happy, notice how you are breathing and feeling.  My best bet is when you are angry it will be fast, short and shallow breaths and you are reacting to a situation.  When you are feeling woo hoo – you are breathing deeper, slower breaths and feel happy and centered.

Taking time to consciously breath will connect you to that happy centered self.  It will bring you more and more calm and perhaps even an insight or two that helps you answer that question or tackle a difficult situation

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this and what you think.

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