3 Reasons Your Core Values Helps You Be Successful

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The Happy presenter discovers her core values

Discover Your Core Values

Although there are more than three core reasons clarifying your values helps you be more successful and full of passion.  I thought I’d share some solid ones to entice you to clarify your own core values.

Clarifying  and then applying your values helps you be more successful because they serve as a path in your life and day to day journey so you know what to say yes to more often and when to say no.  Your values provide a foundation for goal setting from the inside out.

1. Values Allow You to Avoid More Emotional Pain

Want a happier life with less emotional pain? Then clarify your core values.  I prodded my business client Steve (name has been changed) to do a core values exercise and then a session on personal legacy.  The more questions I asked the more apparent it was that Steve who thought he had created a life that includes a successful business to support his two children and wife was really living a very disparate  and out of whack life that left him drained and unsatisfied.

2.  You Preserve and Grow Relationships By Knowing Your Core Values

Back to Steve.  The core values clarification exercise has a segment which forces you to weight rank your top 10 values.  What happens in this part of the exercise is that a value you may find that your #1 or #2 value may really be a #6 and not as important in your day to day life.  And you may have been living as if your #10 values was what was most important – which has left you filled with conflict or dis-satisfactions.

Although I’ve done this exercise with hundreds of people individuals are often taken aback when we debrief the ranking exercise.  Steve was surprised when this happened because he was sure he already know what was most important.  I engaged Steve in a conversation about his newly focused top three values – and he discovered that his day to day life didn’t fully support him and he didn’t fully support what is most important in his life.

Family Happiness was one of his new top three values – yet he spent less then a few hours per week with his sons and even less time as a “family” engaging in activities and actions that felt satisfying.

At this point he recognized why he felt so tired all the time and put some simply structures in place that created better alignment and support for what he knew was most important.  I’ll call this – he began to really walk his talk – and it was exciting.  Guess what, he no longer felt as tired and disengaged and found ways to create more satisfaction.  He’d recharged his spark in his personal and business life.

3.  More Effectively Manage Your Time – Einstein Time

When you have greater clarity in your life – it’s almost as if some type of time magic has been unleashed because you seem to have more time.  I’ve heard this time called Einstein Time.

When you focus your time and energy on doing what’s important you become more and more aware of what’s not important and not just a vacuum of time.

Steve, made a list of all the things he wanted to do with is family and alone with each son.  He felt a bit worried that he wouldn’t be able “deliver” and where would he find the time.   Then I asked him to engage his sons to create their own list.  He quickly learned that his sons wanted to do different things with dad.  These things were less grandiose and included things like:  throw ball and go for ice cream alone.  And guess most of them didn’t take all day or all weekend.  Most of them were activities and actions that were 20 – 60 minutes.

If you have kids or someone special in your life and you spent 20 – 60 minutes doing exactly what was wanted do you think you’d feel more joy and fulfillment?

Steve decided that each week he would do one thing from the list, staggering activities and actions that were short with longer ones that could work with his professional schedule.  A few months later we checked in on these smart goals – the results were significant.

Because Steve spent more quality time doing exactly what his family wanted – all of them were happier and more engaged.  Steve felt that he was being a better provider for his family and felt significant more energy and passion for life.  All of this because he has core value clarity; learned to ask questions to clarify actions to support his core, and he takes actions in alignment with his core values – this is what smart goal setting from the inside out can do for you too.


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