Is Your Life Complacent Or Are You Really Alive?

by michelecorey on May 24, 2012 · 0 comments

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Think about your life, are you being complacent or being really alive? If you actually choose, what would it be – complacency or truly alive?

Obviously it seems like a no brainer – most if not all of us would choose to be really alive.  The question is why does so much of the population actually live the later – a passive role of letting life happen? Or is it simply that we can’t help living by Paretto’s 80 / 20 principle which means that 80% of us are passive, complacent and living your life at the expense of your dreams.

Yesterday I read a great blog post on Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn which shared a documentary’s trailer for “I’m Fine.  Thanks”

I found myself emotionally touched and it reminded me of why I choose the url of Recharge Your Spark.   This morning I contributed on Kickstart so that they can finish this independent film and documentary.

Here are some of the inspiring thoughts and ideas that come from the  documentary’s trailer:

  • Are you living your life at the expense of your dreams?
  • Is your life one of quiet desperation?
  • This (complacent, passive, at the expense of your bigger dreams) is not the way you have to live, there is something better out there.
  • Make your own choices.  Live your own dreams.
  • I don’t know what is around the corner, and I’m so fulfilled knot knowing.
  • Life is meant to be lived
  • Many are living the passive role of letting life happen
  • What makes you come alive?
  • Be challenged in your thinking
  • Is the life you’re living the price you’d pay for it?
  • If it’s worth doing, you’ll never have enough information or know the clear path – if you can already see the path you are simply recreating what you already know.

The goal of the documentary  I’m Fine. Thanks:

We believe that the stories we captured deserve to be told – and that by sharing them we can inspire thousands and thousands of people to take action and change their lives for the better.

Our goal is to ignite a movement of people who are tired of settling for mediocrity. We want to eliminate “getting by,” “doing fine,” “could be worse,” and “can’t complain” from the vocabulary of our modern culture.

We want to rally together a like-minded group of people who are fed up with living life through someone else’s script – and ready to live life on their OWN terms.

Together, with your help, we believe we can challenge people to dig back up their childhood dreams… to tap back into their deepest passions… and to take action to make those values more of a priority in their life moving forward.

If any of these inspiring thoughts touched even a little bit of who you are – go on over to Kickstart and help make the difference to this film becoming a reality.

Comment to let me know which inspiring thought touched, moved or inspired you the most.

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