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Why Set Goal? - Learn How To Set Smart Goals Why Set Goal? – Learn How To Set Smart Goals

I love this uplifting quote; it speaks to the Recharge Your Spark philosophy,

When your identity is out of sync with your goal, action is very difficult – it is doing.  When your identity comes into sync with your goal, action is inspired and effortless – it is being.

About Recharge Your Spark and Smart Goal Setting:

You’re curious about what smart goal setting could do for you because…

  • You’re struggling with the highs and lows of thinking you are on track only to find out you’re haven’t gained much traction towards your goals
  • You’re tired of making “big plans” that never get results
  • You’re not sure how you’ll ever really feel passionate about goal setting, but you want to get results and this sounds different
  • You feel like sometimes it’s just easier to give up on your big dream and settle for less – at least it’s something – but deep in your heart you’re not ready to give up and you want more for yourself
  • You really want it all but right now you don’t feel like you can have it all and need to know how

But you haven’t gone there because…

  • Even though you have things you want, the whole thought of goal setting sounds uninspiring
  • You really don’t believe goal setting will work for you
  • You believe goal setting means filling out a lot of goal setting worksheets and you don’t have time and besides all those goal setting sheets sound overwhelming

…then read on!

Even if you don’t ever think you’ll ever call yourself an uber smart goal setting king or queen, I’m here with my magic smart goal setting wand to dissolve your belief of “how” goal setting should happen to be successful – which is a big misconception.

Why set goals?

I’ll help you discover better smart goal setting through an easy and systematic 5 step process that will maximize all the incredible benefits smart goal setting, along with simple and powerful goal setting worksheets have to offer and help you create the results and success you want – just as you intend it.

About Michele Corey’s Smart Goal Setting Method

Hi, I’m Michele Corey; I’ve been told I’m a kick butt coach, an engaging speaker and a masterful story teller. More importantly more whole purpose is to serve you as a catalyst for you having more of what you really want in your life – personally and professionally

I call this 5 step system “smart goal setting” because it brings a different approach to the traditional goal setting techniques most of us learned as the way it has to be.  During my decade in consumer products my head was filled with lots of training and the traditional goal setting methodology of how we set goals with the SMART goals approach – and it was the only way and really had nothing to do with what I really wanted.

I mean do you ever get out of bed and say, “today I want to sell 10,000 cases of Pillsbury Fudge Brownie Mix  by September 21st and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen?” Uh, no.   Point made with the traditional SMART goal process – they don’t have much to do with what you really want deep down inside and rather are driven by what I call OPI (other people’s ideas) and have no real emotional connection, well other than the fact you may lose your job, but again that’s a fear driven goal and has nothing to do with the smart goal setting process I look forward to sharing with you.

Smart Goal Setting includes my own spark of magic which I learned the hard way – through lots of both good and not so good experiences and ensuing results.

The updated Smart Goal Setting process has been a transformational tool in my life – and I hope yours too; it got me from not writing anything down, to overflowing to-do lists, to enough post-its notes that I could literally wallpaper a wall in my office to finally understanding the big picture of goal setting could be different and could mean much more than just the traditional SMART goals labeled Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

It took me many years to discover that traditional SMART goals were only a piece of the smart goal setting puzzle and process.   Truthfully, I used to think that traditional SMART goals would get me everything I wanted in my personal and professional life, but I soon discovered  it took a lot of time energy to fill out all the traditional goal setting worksheets and templates and to make them happen. Often they sat on lists that were meaningless.

Through a lot of trial and error – and I’m still learning and sharing – I discovered that smart goals, the kind that get you the results you intend start with what I call “becoming conscious” to your core values and a bottom line of what you do and don’t want.   It’s about goal setting from the inside out.  I noticed that when others became reconnected with what was really important they felt recharged and full of passion to create what they really wanted.  Hence Recharge Your Spark idea and website was born.

Recharge Your Sparks’ 5 Step Smart Goal Setting System Includes:

Step 1:  Becoming Conscious – the inside out model

Step 2:  Your Big Why – the Plan and Vision

Step 3:  Write It Down

Step 4:  Daily Inspired Action

Step 5:  Rinse and Repeat

The process also includes important information on how to:

Feed Your Brain and Heart

Maintain Clarity

Face Your Fear

Develop Your Mindset

Get Support

You can see from the steps above there’s a few important foundational steps that need to happen before you can get to the writing it down part.  I’m really looking forward to sharing that with you.

My philosophy is that when you start with your core self, and take actions in alignment with it – setting goals and getting results are significantly more inspired and effortless.  You create the kind of goals that actually get you out of bed in the morning.

Unfortunately we live in a time that values the “results” much more than the journey and I’m not sure that’s going to change any time soon. I’m here to say, the journey is as important as the results.  You will always remember the journey and the feelings that go with it.

Why all the emphasis on core self and coming from the inside out?

Maybe it’s the fact I’m a cancer survivor that never knows what the next test will bring although I always assume the best, or perhaps it’s because I’m a working mother of a younger child that is quickly growing up – that I have learned to really value, what I have today in this moment and be conscious to the journey and what I really want to create more of in my life.

What I have learned about goal setting success and I hope you choose to experience…

  • Everything doesn’t always go as planned and if you’re willing to look there is gold in each and every lesson
  • Successful smart goal setting is to achieve what is most important to you daily – it’s the whole journey – not just the end result
  • Successful smart goal setting brings prosperity – our own unique version of having it all (wealth, affluence, success) as you intend
  • There’s a feeling of joy in discovering what  you most value and claiming it in your life
  • Living in alignment with what you most value brings a richness to your whole life both personally and professionally
  • Even at work you can fully express what you most value
  • To have what you want takes building your courage muscle – and saying yes to yourself
  • Smart Goal Setting may will change your life

Why Michele Corey:

Michele Corey, Your Catalyst for Smart Goal Setting |Seattle WA Michele Corey, Kick Butt Coach & Engaging Speaker

Why would you consider investing your time, talent and energy in Recharge Your Spark and Michele Corey?


  • My whole purpose is to serve you as a catalyst for you having more of what you really want in your life – personally and professionally.  This feeds me and serves you.
  • I want you learn to create more passion, fulfillment and increase your financial bottom line by aligning your foundational personal values with your professional aspirations.
  • Unlike 1:1 Coaching Recharge Your Spark allows me to reach more people 24/7 – this is exciting.
  • I’m a visionary, an intelligent, fast thinker and I can quickly analyze and synthesize the parts, put them into context to sum up a situation, and then create an action plan to make that vision a reality.  That was quite helpful throughout my corporate career and serves you now.
  • My approach is holistic, direct, often fast paced and with a touch of humor.
  • I know and understand the complexities of business and utilize smart goal setting to help you gain a fresh perspective.

Always a learner, my interest in self-discovery and growth became the catalyst that set me on my own entrepreneurial path over a decade ago – aka it had me quit my corporate job, get my Masters Degree in Management and then a Coaching Certification – as well as let me wondering, how would I financially support myself and as importantly how the heck would I use this information to make a difference and serve a greater good?

My favorite clients are people that are ready to dig deeper and allow their own truth to be spoken at work and in their personal life. I provide expertise, a safe place, and third party objectivity – something that is often missing in our own work space and private lives because smart goal setting is about you and the success you want.

You’ll know when you’re ready to start becoming more conscious – it’s often when your own dissatisfaction and fear with where you are and what you’re creating grows to a point that you can’t go back to “pretending” everything is okay because you know inside you want it to be different.

Sign up for the free Values Clarification Toolkit  and choose to make a difference in your life today.

Credentials You Can’t Ignore

Michele is the co-owner of Advanced Approach which focuses on personal and business growth strategies that create powerful shift. She collaborates with men and women to help them get reconnected to what matters most in their life everyday and to recharge their spark and passion in their work and life.

  • MS in Management and Leadership, Antioch University, Seattle WA
  • Adjunct Faculty, Executive Leadership Coach – Seattle University Albers School of Business, Seattle, WA – US News and World Report rankings of EMBA programs ranks the Leadership EMBA in the Center for Leadership Formation at Seattle University at 22nd in the nation. Learn more about the program, Executive Director, Marilyn Gist is featured in this short video.
  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC, through nationally accredited The Academy for Coach Training
  • Board Member, Voices Education Project
  • Former Board Member The Puget Sound Coaching Association
  • Long time supporter The International Coaching Federation

Want to discover more about Michele Corey’s Coaching Style?

Walking her talk, goal setting was not easy for her to master in her life – although she’s been delighted at the results in her life, she’s continually working on it.

Color coding her outlook is one of the keys to her success [learn about Take Back Your Life and Personal Productivity]

The quote that changed her life “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity” Rollo May

She lives in the Pacific NW with her wonderful husband and delightful son

She can often be found cooking or engaging in some other type of “ing” activity such as hiking, backpacking, reading and playing – and recently turned her young son onto skiing.

She believes she is addicted to Google and know many random facts when it comes to business, SEO, marketing, and health – thankfully it supports her love of learning

She knows more about cancer treatment and enhancing your post cancer treatment health – got questions – do ask.

It took her years to take of her mask and stop hiding her big self so that she could acknowledge and accept she is a conduit of divine inspiration and a catalyst to help others discover their own truth so that they may live big, bodacious lives just like they intend.  Yes your truth will set you free.

She finds dreaming up recipes and cooking extremely relaxing and creative

She love to speak or is it pontificate to all points of her passions – so if you have a meeting and you’re looking for an uplifting and engaging speaker let’s talk!

When she discovered she had breast cancer realized that she better walk her own talk when it came to having a clear vision, story and big why.  It’s changed her life.

A Few Housekeeping Notes on the Recharge Your Spark site

If you buy any products through the links on this website, either from Amazon or other product recommendation links, I stand to make a commission.  Some of these products are  mine and others are not.  I’m telling you this because I encourage you to make purchases from my site if you like the information I provide for free as it pays the bills so I can keep finding ways to support you in smart goal setting.

What Smart Goal Setting and Recharge Your Spark Can Do For You

Smart Goal Setting isn’t a magic pill that overnight changes everything, it takes an investment of your time, energy and resources, but if you’re tired of writing down goals only to feel frustrated as you rewrite most of the same ones year after year with little success the 5 Step Smart Goal Setting system is for you. Get the Free Smart Goal Setting Toolkit today.

You’ll discover how you can find more freedom and success by following a unique process of smart goal setting with a few twists from the standard goal setting ways.

You’ll walk away knowing how you can achieve the type of success that is meaningful and unique to you, and consistently get the results you intend from your actions while living what you most value each and every day.

We hope Recharge Your Spark leaves you both wanting more and inspired to connect and dig deeper with your heart as you begin your own transformational goal setting process to greater prosperity.

Now is the perfect time to bring more and more success as you intend every day.  Say yes to yourself –  Click here to get the Free – no strings attached – Smart Goal Setting Worksheets and Toolkit.

I look forward to having the opportunity to help you get all that you want just as you intend – your true success.


Michele Corey Catalyst for Smart Goal Setting

Michele Corey your Smart Goal Setting Catalyst

Recharge Your Spark

Personal and Business Growth Strategies that Create Shift

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